Welcome to Commercial Locksmith San Antonio TX

We are a service that you can call if you are experiencing an Office Lockout that is costing your business time and money. In case you lost keys to your office, we can unlock the door for you and will also offer you a keyless entry keypad option that will make sure that you never get locked out.

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Call Commercial Locksmith San Antonio TX any time you need help and we will provide you with the assistance that you need. We are open and fully operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including weekends. Our services are offered in the following Zip Codes: 78214, 78215, 78216, 78217, and 78221.

Do you need to rekey office locks at any time? Have you occupied a building that was owned or rented previously? We can easily give you a new start by changing your keys at a reduced price because the only thing we change is your lock cylinder. We have a team of locksmiths that are easily available to help you.

In case you need an exit panic bar to help provide your customers with the security of being able to evacuate quickly and easily if you have an emergency, call us. We will review your exit doors and recommend as well as install a highly effective exit device that can automatically unlock your emergency doors.

exit panic bar